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Bou's Revenge is a 3D horror game inspired by a famous mobile game. It starts with you taking care of Bou, but then things start to get weird. What begins innocently soon descends into a creepy, unsettling series of events that challenge players' expectations.

What is Bou's Revenge?

Bou's Revenge is a unique blend of pet simulation and horror. Players start by taking care of their pet, Bou—feeding, cleaning, and playing with it. However, things quickly take a dark turn as unexpected and unsettling events unfold. The player must solve puzzles to escape the house. Originally made for an online video, this game blew up on the internet, leading to the creation of a mobile version.

How to Play

  • Begin by performing usual pet care tasks: feeding, cleaning, and playing with Bou.
  • Watch for subtle anomalies that change the game’s atmosphere from innocent to eerie.
  • Solve puzzles to uncover the mystery and escape the increasingly creepy house.
  • Each interaction with Bou may trigger unexpected consequences, adding to the horror element.


  • Bou's Revenge combines elements of pet simulation and horror for a unique gameplay experience.
  • The game uses subtle anomalies and eerie events to create a suspenseful atmosphere.
  • Players must solve puzzles to progress, adding a layer of challenge to the game.
  • The transition from a cute pet game to a horror experience keeps players on edge.


  • Pay attention to small changes and anomalies in the game.
  • Think critically and solve puzzles to progress.
  • Be prepared for unexpected events that challenge your expectations.
  • Enjoy the blend of cute and creepy that makes Bou's Revenge unique.

Welcome to the world of fear: Bou's Revenge! This fascinating 3D horror game will keep you on the edge of your seat as you care for Bou and uncover the dark secrets that lie within. Have fun and good luck!

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