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Created by griffpatch, iPhone_ATT_TWC115 and the Scratch community


Welcome to the world of Geometry Dash Classic, where speed is your closest ally and insanity your constant companion. This fast-paced running game will challenge your reflexes and push your skills to the limit as you guide your cube through a relentless barrage of obstacles.

What is Geometry Dash Classic?

Geometry Dash Classic is an intense running game that tests your agility, precision, and nerves. Developed by VERSU5 (formerly ComplexX), this game is renowned for its unforgiving difficulty and intricate level design. With a 10-star rating and 3 user coins, it stands tall as an Insane Demon level within the game's community.

How to Play

  1. A Need for Speed: Dash, Dodge, and Survive In Geometry Dash Classic, your cube must navigate through a series of challenging obstacles with lightning speed. Each level intensifies the difficulty, demanding flawless reflexes and split-second decision-making.

  2. Unleash Your Inner Gamer: The Control Scheme To maneuver your cube through this adrenaline-charged world, you only need to click the left mouse button. This simple action unleashes a jump that propels your cube over spikes, through narrow gaps, and past treacherous traps.

  3. An Insane Demon Challenge: Complexity at Its Peak Geometry Dash Classic is a unique take on the Nine Circles remake, renowned for its complexity and relentless pace. Unlike other remakes, it challenges players with intricate timing and memory tests rather than traditional ship or ball sequences.

  4. The Game's Structure: Overcoming the Challenges From deceptive traps in the cube section to the labyrinthine complexity of the wave phase, every segment of Geometry Dash Classic requires precision and adaptability. The final cube section, reminiscent of Nine Circles, demands impeccable timing and nerves of steel to reach the finish line.

Trivia: A Few Interesting Tidbits

  • Look closely, and you'll find a Lenny face at both the beginning and end of Geometry Dash Classic, adding a humorous touch to its intense gameplay.
  • ComplexX collaborated with Dzeser on another level titled Astronaut 13, which underwent significant transformations and re-ratings within the community.
  • As the first green remake to be published, Geometry Dash Classic holds a special place in the game's evolving history and its challenging legacy.

Are you ready to embark on this intense journey through Geometry Dash Classic? Only the most determined players will conquer this insane challenge and etch their names in the annals of gaming history. Dash on, brave adventurer, and may your reflexes never falter!

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