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Created by griffpatch, iPhone_ATT_TWC115 and the Scratch community


GEOMETRY DASH INNARDS: Unleash Your Skills in the Extreme Demon

Prepare yourself for an intense gaming experience like never before with Geometry Dash Innards, a 2.1 solo Extreme Demon that will push your abilities to their limits. Created and published by Kaito and verified by Cinci, this level is a true test of skill and perseverance.

A Legendary Demon: The Toughest of Challenges

Geometry Dash Innards has earned its reputation as one of the most challenging levels in the game. Initially, a super-buffed version was on the horizon, rumored to surpass even the difficulty of Zodiac, but fate had other plans. Cinci, the skilled verifier, eventually dropped the idea and instead verified the unbuffed version on March 18, 2019. Despite Cinci's assessment of the level's difficulty being comparable to a Hard Demon, many players unanimously consider it an Extreme Demon.

A Rivalry of Legends: Innards vs. Tartarus

In the realm of extreme levels, the rivalry between Innards and Tartarus has become a topic of discussion among players. Wooshi, a highly experienced player, has acknowledged that he believes Tartarus to be the more challenging level. However, that doesn't diminish the formidable nature of Innards, which stands as a formidable testament to its extreme difficulty.

A Journey of Practice and Perseverance

The journey to conquer Geometry Dash Innards is no easy feat. On January 30, 2023, a dedicated player named eandis successfully verified the super-buffed version after an astonishing 165,000 attempts and more than three years of practice. The dedication and determination required to master this level exemplify the true spirit of the Geometry Dash community.

Trivia and Legacy: A Level of Legends

Geometry Dash Innards is packed with remarkable trivia. It features 66,494 objects and boasts a duration of 1 minute and 25 seconds. On July 7, 2019, the level claimed its position on the Demonlist at #93, making its mark among esteemed levels like GridLocked and Aftermath. Furthermore, its addition to the Demonlist's Legacy List led to Superstrike's repositioning from the Legacy List to the Demonlist.

The Challenge of Innards

As the ultimate Extreme Demon, Geometry Dash Innards is a level of legendary proportions. Its grueling challenges, mesmerizing design, and the dedication of players make it an unforgettable part of the Geometry Dash universe. Are you ready to take on this monumental feat? Dive into the realm of Innards, prove your skills, and become a true legend in the world of Geometry Dash. The journey will be tough, but the glory awaits those who dare to face the extreme.

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