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Created by griffpatch, iPhone_ATT_TWC115 and the Scratch community


Geometry Dash MoonDust offers players the thrilling opportunity to escape from a perilous factory environment. Maneuvering a cube through buzzsaws amidst the factory's hazards is your key to victory. This updated version of Geometry Dash introduces heightened challenges, demanding players to exhibit agility and speed in their escape efforts.

How to Play

  • Master Your Control: Prioritize selecting the most comfortable maneuvering key to navigate through the obstacles smoothly.
  • Don't Fixate on Coin Collection: While collecting coins can be rewarding, focus primarily on successfully maneuvering through the level.
  • Sync with the Music: Immerse yourself in the game's rhythm and synchronize your movements with the beats to enhance your gameplay experience.


  • Immersive Color and Music: Engage with vibrant visuals and dynamic music that not only complement the gameplay but also aid in the learning process.
  • Rhythmic Challenges: Test your coordination skills with a variety of rhythmic exercises designed to push your limits.
  • Daily Quests and Rewards: Participate in daily quests to unlock amazing rewards, adding an extra layer of excitement to your gaming experience.
  • Enhanced Character Customization: Enjoy a broader range of color and icon customization options, allowing you to personalize your gaming experience.
  • 10 Levels of Accomplishment: Experience the exhilaration of completing all ten levels, leaving you with a sense of fulfillment and achievement.
  • Diverse Game Selection: Explore other dash games within Geometry Dash Subzero, such as Geometry Dash RETRO BLITZ and Geometry Dash Splat, for added entertainment.

Future Prospects

  • Continued Challenge: As you progress through Geometry Dash MoonDust, anticipate increasingly challenging obstacles and levels that will test your skills to the fullest.
  • Unraveling Mysteries: Venture through the game's intricately designed levels to uncover hidden secrets and unravel the mysteries awaiting you at the journey's end.
  • Community Engagement: Join the vibrant community of players and creators within Geometry Dash MoonDust to share experiences, strategies, and insights, enriching your overall gaming journey.

Embark on your journey through the treacherous terrain of Geometry Dash MoonDust, where every jump and maneuver brings you closer to victory. Will you emerge triumphant and etch your name on the achievement board? The challenge awaits!

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