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Created by griffpatch, iPhone_ATT_TWC115 and the Scratch community


Geometry Dash Poltergeist, a level that has left many players both exhilarated and exasperated, is a 1.9/2.1 solo Insane Demon meticulously crafted by Andromeda. In the heart of this level lies a challenging recreation of the notorious Nine Circles, known for its complex geometry and demanding gameplay. However, as you venture deeper into Poltergeist, you'll find it has a personality all its own.

What is Geometry Dash Poltergeist?

With a devilish difficulty rating and a whopping 10 stars, Geometry Dash Poltergeist is no ordinary level. Andromeda, the mastermind behind this creation, designed it to be a tough journey through a realm of erratic timings, tight spaces, and movements that can only be described as uncomfortably awkward. This level is a tribute to the art of precision and split-second decision-making.

How to Play

  1. The Insanity Unleashed

    • Geometry Dash Poltergeist begins with a seemingly innocent cube segment that quickly introduces you to leaps and tricks that will test your reflexes. This is followed by a deceptively simple ball sequence adorned with a few menacing saw blades. Another cube sequence emerges, luring you with multiple jump orbs. But beware, for the level is setting the stage for what's to come.
  2. A Tale of Two Halves

    • As you approach the drop, the game throws you a curveball with recurring blue pads and invisible size portals. These are the first signs of the madness that lies ahead. Then, two ominous spikes signal the impending beat drop. As the music's intensity grows, the level takes an unforgettable turn, introducing you to one of the most renowned wave parts in the game.
  3. Navigating the Wave

    • The first portion of the wave phase demands precise click-control and timing in tight quarters. It also tests your straight-flying skills as the ship phase kicks in at 50%. Following this, you'll encounter a half-speed cube segment, humorously bearing the words "TAKE A BREAK." This section is home to five sets of double spikes that appear and vanish unpredictably.
  4. Mastering the Challenges

    • Another wave segment follows, albeit with slightly more forgiving mechanics than the first. While this part features broader spaces in its initial half, it surprises you with a troll-like mini-wave segment as you navigate through a series of tight spots.

Trivia and Noteworthy Moments

  • Due to the challenging timings and initial obstacles, players humorously referred to the update for this level as "Cancergiest."
  • Geometry Dash Poltergeist stands out for its dramatic difficulty shift between its beginning and the wave section. Despite the ridiculously challenging wave, it boasts one of the simplest initial segments or "buffer zones" in any Nine Circles level.
  • The "take a break" section, a cube/ship segment nestled within the extreme wave, became a hallmark and was later incorporated into other unrated Nine Circles levels.


Geometry Dash Poltergeist is more than just a level; it's a test of skill, patience, and determination. Are you ready to take on the madness and conquer the unpredictable? Dive into the world of Poltergeist and embrace the chaos!

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