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Created by griffpatch, iPhone_ATT_TWC115 and the Scratch community


Geometry Dash Slap Squad, crafted by the talented level developer DanZmeN, is more than just a game; it's an epic journey through the realm of rhythm and geometry. This exhilarating adventure is rated at a challenging 10 stars, with the promise of a single user coin for those daring enough to conquer it. As an esteemed Australian creator in the world of Geometry Dash, DanZmeN is celebrated for his skillful design and innovative boss battles, which have become a hallmark of his level development expertise. With acclaimed titles like Slap Squad, Slap Squad II, Wild West, and the Deadly Sins series under his belt, DanZmeN's creations have continued to captivate players around the world.

What is Geometry Dash Slap Squad?

Geometry Dash Slap Squad offers an immersive and rhythmic gameplay experience that challenges players to synchronize their actions with the music. This fusion of rhythm and geometry creates an unforgettable gaming experience where precision and timing are key.

How to Play

Mastering the Beat:

  • Jump to the Rhythm: Control your character's movements by pressing [up], [w], [space], or simply clicking. Each action corresponds to a jump, allowing you to leap to the beat.
  • Dancing Through Danger: As you journey through this geometric wonderland, be vigilant and avoid the treacherous spikes that threaten your progress.
  • Soaring Through the Skies: During the exhilarating ship mode, hold to ascend and release to gracefully descend. Navigate this mode with finesse to overcome obstacles and stay on course.
  • Power of the Pads: Keep an eye out for the yellow and blue pads. Hitting a yellow pad grants you a high jump, while the blue pads propel you even higher, provided you don't miss a gravity portal.
  • Coin Collector: For those seeking an extra challenge and bonus points, collecting coins scattered throughout the levels is a must.
  • Effects Toggle: Press L to toggle effects. This feature can help reduce lag and ensure a smoother gaming experience.

In Geometry Dash Slap Squad, the fusion of rhythm, geometry, and pulsating beats creates an unforgettable gaming experience. It's not just a level; it's a rhythmic adventure that challenges your reflexes, tests your precision, and immerses you in an electrifying world.

Tips for Success

  • Sync Your Moves to the Music: Timing is everything. Listen closely to the beat and synchronize your jumps accordingly.
  • Practice Makes Perfect: Don't get discouraged by initial failures. With practice, you'll master the intricate rhythms and conquer challenging levels.
  • Explore and Experiment: Each level in Geometry Dash Slap Squad offers unique challenges and surprises. Explore different strategies and find what works best for you.

Feel the rhythm, conquer the geometry. Dive into Geometry Dash Slap Squad and become the master of this epic easy demon adventure! It's time to embrace the beat and unleash your inner rhythm in a world where geometry meets groove.

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