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Created by griffpatch, iPhone_ATT_TWC115 and the Scratch community


Geometry Dash Ultra Paracosm

Geometry Dash Ultra Paracosm

Prepare to embark on a mesmerizing journey as we delve into the world of Geometry Dash Ultra Paracosm. This extraordinary level, rated as an Easy Demon, boasts a 10-star difficulty rating and offers daring players the chance to collect three user coins. Designed, confirmed, and released by the talented creator Rulas, Ultra Paracosm represents a reimagining of the classic level Paracosm Circles. As the inaugural installment of the "Ultra Circles" series, this level sets the stage for a remarkable gaming experience, characterized by its simplicity and vibrant design.

What is Geometry Dash Ultra Paracosm?

Geometry Dash Ultra Paracosm marks the inception of the "Ultra Circles" series, a sequence of levels inspired by the iconic Nine Circles design. Unlike its predecessors, this series introduces a more colorful and detailed approach, particularly evident in the wave segment, which showcases intricate 2.0 blocks, scaling, monsters, and decorations.

How to Play

  1. The Cube Section: The journey commences with a relatively straightforward cube section, spiced up with a few clever gimmicks to keep players engaged.

  2. The Ship Segment: Following the cube section, you'll transition to a simple yet thrilling ship segment.

  3. Auto Cube Section: Swiftly progress through a short auto cube section, preparing for the upcoming challenges.

  4. The Epileptic Wave: Brace yourself for an electrifying experience as you enter the dazzling epileptic wave, featuring a palette of 10 vibrant colors.

  5. Dual Wave Challenges: Navigate through sections involving dual waves, adding complexity and challenge to the gameplay.

  6. Cube and Ship Dynamics: Experience alternating segments of cube and ship gameplay, each presenting unique obstacles and visual cues.

  7. User Coin Challenges: Geometry Dash Ultra Paracosm offers players the opportunity to collect three bronze user coins, each strategically placed to test your timing and precision skills.

Collecting User Coins: A Rewarding Challenge

Geometry Dash Ultra Paracosm offers players the opportunity to collect three bronze user coins. While the first and third coins are relatively straightforward to obtain, the second coin poses a timing-related challenge.

  • The first user coin can be found in the early portion of the level, just as the triple-speed auto section concludes.

  • The second user coin awaits players following the ball segment during the mini-wave portion.

  • The third user coin appears as a leisurely cube towards the level's conclusion.

Fun Facts and Trivia

  • Geometry Dash Ultra Paracosm represents Rulas' maiden Demon level creation.

  • The "Ultra Circles" series encompasses a captivating lineup of levels, including Ultra Fairydust, Ultra Circles, Ultra Halcyon, Ultra Fear Me, and Ultra Jawbreaker.

  • This level has undergone more than 15 revisions, evolving to its current form.

  • Through recent updates, Ultra Paracosm has become one of the simpler Nine Circles levels, thanks to Rulas' efforts in balancing the difficulty.

  • Notably, the level features 10 color channels in its wave form, a departure from other Nine Circles levels that typically employ four, akin to its predecessor Fairydust.


Geometry Dash Ultra Paracosm invites you to test your skills and embark on an extraordinary adventure. With its captivating aesthetics, challenging gameplay, and intriguing design, it offers a unique gaming experience within the realm of Geometry Dash. Are you prepared to conquer this Demon level and unravel the mysteries of the Ultra Circles series? Dive in and begin your journey today!

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