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Created by griffpatch, iPhone_ATT_TWC115 and the Scratch community


Geometry Dash Badland, created by TamaN, is a level that dares you to test your skills in the realm of Geometry Dash. Rated as a hard demon level with a difficulty rating of 10 stars and the potential to earn 3 user coins, this level promises a challenging adventure for players willing to take it on.

A Player's Perspective: Orion's Review

Orion, an experienced player, shares his insights on Geometry Dash Badland:

"I've practiced this level on and off over the years, and it was the final demon level by TamaN that I had yet to conquer. This particular level proved to be significantly more challenging than the others in the series. It wasn't until I watched Mangosteen complete this level recently that I found the motivation to push through and finish it. I must say, this level stands as one of TamaN's best creations, although it hasn't gained as much recognition as his other levels, mainly due to its steep difficulty curve.

I highly recommend giving this level a try if you're up for mastering the intricate robot maze at 50%. However, be prepared for some brutally precise timings that may lead to your demise. These challenging elements did affect my overall enjoyment of playing the level. Nonetheless, it remains an incredible 2.0 level that I encourage skilled players to tackle."

How to Navigate the Challenges

In Geometry Dash Badland, you'll need to master the following mechanics to progress:

  • Jumping: Use the [up] arrow key, [w], [space], or simply click to jump and navigate through the yellow rings.
  • Spikes: Be cautious and avoid the spikes as you move forward.
  • Ship Mode: When in ship mode, hold to ascend and release to descend, helping you navigate through tricky sections.
  • Jump Pads: Yellow pads provide a boost for your jumps, while blue pads propel you even higher. Keep an eye on gravity portals, as missing one can affect your trajectory.
  • Collecting Coins: For those looking to challenge themselves further, collecting coins can earn you bonus points.
  • Toggle Effects: Press "L" to toggle effects on or off to enhance your gameplay experience and reduce lag.

Share Your Achievements

If you're up for the challenge and manage to conquer Geometry Dash Badland, feel free to share your achievements on platforms like YouTube. Show the gaming world your mastery of this demanding level.

Geometry Dash Badland may be a tough nut to crack, but for those who relish a challenge, it offers a rewarding and exciting journey through the world of Geometry Dash. Can you conquer its intricacies and emerge victorious? The only way to know is to take up the challenge yourself and push your skills to the limit.

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