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Created by griffpatch, iPhone_ATT_TWC115 and the Scratch community


What is Geometry Dash Razorleaf?

Geometry Dash Razorleaf is a challenging platformer game where players control a small cube character. The objective is to navigate through various obstacles and stages by hopping, flying, and sliding, all while avoiding pits, spikes, and other hazards. The game becomes increasingly difficult as players progress, providing a true test of reflexes and skill. The game is distinguished by its use of vibrant neon colors and brightness effects, creating a dynamic and immersive atmosphere that changes with each level.

How to Play

  • Use the arrow keys to move the cube left or right.
  • Press the spacebar to make the cube jump or fly over certain areas.
  • Utilize the sliding mechanism to slide under barriers for strategic gameplay.
  • The game also supports touch controls for mobile devices.


  • Challenging Gameplay: Geometry Dash Razorleaf offers a straightforward yet difficult objective that tests players' reflexes and skill.
  • Vibrant Neon Colors: The game uses the latest neon hues to create a heated and vibrant ambiance that shifts with every level.
  • Basic Controls: Easy-to-use controls with arrow keys and spacebar for navigation and jumping.
  • Sliding Mechanism: A novel sliding mechanism that provides additional strategic gameplay options.
  • Increasing Difficulty: The game gets harder as players progress through the stages, offering a true challenge for even the most resilient gamers.


  • Practice Regularly: The more you play, the better your reflexes and timing will become.
  • Study the Patterns: Each level has its own set of obstacles and patterns. Take the time to learn them.
  • Stay Focused: Concentration is key to navigating through the increasingly difficult stages.
  • Use the Sliding Mechanism: Mastering the sliding mechanism can help you avoid tricky barriers and advance further in the game.

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