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Created by griffpatch, iPhone_ATT_TWC115 and the Scratch community


Geometry Dash Hallow Hills

Geometry Dash Hallow Hills

Welcome to the eerie world of Geometry Dash Hallow Hills, a spine-tingling creation by the talented Alex112300. This epic medium demon level is rated at a challenging 10 stars and offers players the opportunity to collect 2 elusive user coins. Prepare to embark on a chilling journey that combines intricate artistry with gameplay mechanics reminiscent of the Kips style, evoking memories of the iconic Magma Bound. As you dive into this level, you'll immediately notice its thematic focus on Halloween, with detailed decorations featuring pumpkins, ghosts, and eerie faces that set the stage for a hair-raising experience.

What is Geometry Dash Hallow Hills?

Geometry Dash Hallow Hills is a meticulously crafted medium demon level within the Geometry Dash universe, designed to challenge players with its intricate layout and spooky-themed obstacles. It pays homage to Halloween with its detailed decorations and haunting atmosphere, offering a gameplay experience that tests both skill and reflexes.

How to Play

  • Starting Your Journey: Begin by navigating through a proposition - take a reinforced LDM, and follow a mysterious arrow guiding your descent into the depths of Geometry Dash Hallow Hills.

  • Cube Challenges: Encounter spheres and tricky arrows in the initial cube section, requiring precise timing and swift maneuvers.

  • Robot Interlude: Transition into a robot briefly, navigating through smiley-faced obstacles that demand carefully timed jumps.

  • UFO Trials: Alternate between precise jumps and clicks on pink arrows in the challenging UFO section, testing coordination and reflexes.

  • Ball and Spider Challenges: Navigate gravity changes and swift reactions as you progress through the ball and spider sections, each presenting unique challenges.

  • Final Stages: Conclude your journey with a series of challenging timing obstacles, marked by the presence of relentless zombies and a suspenseful atmosphere.

Coins: The Hunt for Hidden Treasures

If you're up for the challenge, there are user coins hidden throughout Geometry Dash Hallow Hills. Here's how to collect them:

  1. First Coin (42%): Collect three skulls to reveal this coin, altering your journey with additional robot segments.
    • First skull (6%): Hold the arrow down by 5% throughout the approach.
    • Second skull (21%): Resist gravity changes to freely fall to this skull.
    • Third skull (27%): Click on a single green sphere and hold the subsequent arrow for a bit longer.
  2. Second Coin (97%): Gather three potions to claim this coin, modifying cube segments into robot challenges.
    • First potion (51%): Allow your character to fall without holding the arrow to collect this potion.
    • Second potion (78%): Easily collect this potion during your journey.
    • Third potion (91%): Maintain robot form instead of performing a mini-jump to secure this potion.

Interesting Facts:

Geometry Dash Hallow Hills pays homage to various members of the Geometry Dash community, drawing inspiration from the works of ScorchVx and others. It stands as a testament to the creativity and dedication of level creators within the community, offering both a thrilling challenge and a heartfelt tribute to its members.

Now that you've braved Geometry Dash Hallow Hills, it's time to celebrate your achievement and enjoy Halloween in style. Dive into this hauntingly beautiful level, conquer its challenges, and immerse yourself in the spirit of the season. Happy gaming, and may your Halloween be filled with delightful spookiness!

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