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Created by griffpatch, iPhone_ATT_TWC115 and the Scratch community


Saddle up for a wild ride in the world of Geometry Dash Wild West! This epic easy demon level, rated at 10 stars and boasting 1 user coin, is the brainchild of the talented creator DanZmeN. Widely recognized as "Danzmen in-game," this Australian level designer is renowned for his exceptional prowess in Geometry Dash, especially for his knack in weaving challenging boss encounters into his levels. Among his achievements are some iconic series like Slap Squad, Wild West, and Deadly Sins.

The Mastermind Behind the West: DanZmeN's Legacy

DanZmeN has etched his name in the Geometry Dash community as a master of level design. Renowned for his cleverly crafted boss fights, he has successfully carved a niche for himself. His creative genius is evident in series like Slap Squad, Wild West, and Deadly Sins. A resilient creator, DanZmeN bounced back even after a Google account breach in April 2020, a testament to his dedication.

How to Play

In the rugged terrains of Geometry Dash Wild West, your journey involves mastering the controls to conquer the challenges:

  • Navigate: Press [up], [w], [space], or click to jump.
  • Yellow Rings: Use the same actions to leap onto yellow rings.
  • Avoid Spikes: Tread carefully to evade the treacherous spikes.
  • Ship Mode: Hold to ascend and release to descend, mastering the art of flight.
  • High Jump: A yellow pad grants you a high jump.
  • Higher Jump: A blue pad launches you even higher, thanks to a strategically placed gravity portal.
  • Collect Coins: Venture deeper into the Wild West by collecting coins for bonus points.
  • Toggle Effects: Enhance your experience by pressing L to manage lag and fine-tune your gameplay.
  • Showcase: If you're feeling particularly accomplished, share your completed levels on YouTube.


Geometry Dash Wild West offers an exhilarating experience filled with unique features:

  • 10 Star Rating: Provides a challenging yet accessible level for players.
  • User Coin: Adds an extra layer of achievement for players to collect.
  • Boss Fights: Engaging boss encounters designed by DanZmeN.
  • Custom Controls: Intuitive and responsive controls for a seamless gameplay experience.
  • High Jump Pads: Strategically placed yellow and blue pads for varying jump heights.
  • Gravity Portals: Innovative use of gravity portals to enhance the challenge.
  • Coin Collection: Incentivizes exploration and skillful navigation.
  • Lag Management: Option to toggle effects for smoother gameplay on different devices.
  • Community Sharing: Encourages players to share their victories and connect with the community.

Conclusion: Blaze a Trail in Geometry Dash Wild West

In Geometry Dash Wild West, the frontier awaits your daring spirit. Embark on a journey of challenges, rewards, and boss encounters that define the legacy of DanZmeN's designs. With 10 stars and a single user coin, the level promises an accessible yet exhilarating adventure. The untamed West beckons you – will you rise to the challenge? Geometry Dash Wild West invites you to conquer the obstacles and claim your place as a triumphant rider in this digital frontier. Saddle up, and let the adventure begin!

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