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Created by griffpatch, iPhone_ATT_TWC115 and the Scratch community


Embark on an exciting journey through the enchanting world of Geometry Dash World: Dashlands, the captivating first world in the renowned game Geometry Dash. Dashlands comprises five unique levels, each with varying lengths that range from short to medium. Players are required to navigate through these levels in sequence, adding an element of progression and challenge to the gameplay.

Discovering the Levels: Unravel the Dashlands Adventure

Within Dashlands, players encounter a series of intriguing levels, each with its own distinct characteristics and challenges:

PAYLOAD: Unleash the Adventure

Payload, the inaugural level of both Geometry Dash World and Dashlands, introduces players to the cube shape within a sequence of blocks and spikes. This level requires a minimum of 27 leaps and can be completed in 27 seconds. Notably, it stands as the shortest major level within Dashlands.

ANIMAL MODE: Embrace the Beast Within

The second level, Beast Mode, found in both Dashlands and Geometry Dash World, introduces players to the yellow jump pad within a single cube sequence. With a minimum of 29 leaps and a completion time of 32 seconds, players must conquer the challenges of Beast Mode.

MACHINA: Unravel the Mechanisms

Machina, the third level in both Geometry Dash World and Dashlands, offers a single cube sequence. As players progress, they encounter the yellow leap ring and the ship shape at the 63% mark. Completing Machina demands a minimum of 25 leaps and takes 33 seconds.

YEARS: Traverse the Passage of Time

The fourth level, Years, presents a unique ship sequence with moving elements. Within both Geometry Dash World and Dashlands, this level is completed in 33 seconds, with no leaps required. It offers a distinctive gameplay experience compared to other levels.

FRONTLINES: The Final Frontier

The fifth and final level within both Dashlands and Geometry Dash World is Frontlines. This level features a cube sequence that introduces the gravity portal. Players must execute a minimum of 29 leaps to navigate through the challenges within Frontlines, completing it within 30 seconds.

Mastering the Gameplay: How to Play Dashlands

To embark on the adventure through Dashlands, players follow a sequential path through the levels, mastering each unique challenge they encounter. This journey of skill and determination is enhanced by the creativity and design within each level.

How to Play:

  • Start from Payload: Begin your journey with the introductory level to familiarize yourself with the basic mechanics.
  • Progress Sequentially: Navigate through each level in the given order to unlock subsequent challenges.
  • Master the Controls: Focus on the timing of jumps, especially with the introduction of new elements like the yellow jump pad and leap ring.
  • Adapt to New Elements: Each level introduces new mechanics, such as the gravity portal in Frontlines, requiring players to adjust their strategies.
  • Achieve Precision: Aim for precise jumps and movements to successfully complete each level with the minimum required leaps.

Features of Dashlands

Geometry Dash World: Dashlands offers a range of features that enhance the gameplay experience:


  • Unique Levels: Five distinct levels, each with its own theme and challenges.
  • Progressive Difficulty: Gradual increase in complexity to keep players engaged.
  • Dynamic Elements: Introduction of new gameplay mechanics such as yellow jump pads, leap rings, and gravity portals.
  • Vibrant Graphics: Colorful and engaging visuals that add to the immersive experience.
  • Creative Design: Intricately designed levels that require strategic thinking and precise execution.

Acknowledgment: Special Thanks to chikomastr from Scratch

The development and insights for this engaging world owe a special thanks to chikomastr from Scratch, whose contributions have enriched the gameplay and experience of Geometry Dash World: Dashlands.

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