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Bandle is an exciting daily musical game where you guess the song played by the band with the least number of musicians. The game tests your ability to recognize songs with minimal instrumental input, providing a fun and challenging experience for music enthusiasts.

What is Bandle?

Bandle is a music trivia quiz game that puts your song recognition skills to the test. The twist? You start with only one instrument and must identify the song as more instruments are added. With a blend of popular songs from various decades and genres, Bandle offers a daily challenge that can engage players of all ages. It has garnered attention from notable personalities on platforms like Twitch, further cementing its place in the gaming world.

How to Play Bandle

  • Start with the rhythm: Listen to the drums and feel the beat.
  • Add the bass: Let the groove set in and take your best guess.
  • Add guitar, piano, and other instruments as the song builds up.
  • Guess the song with the least number of instruments playing.


  • Daily Challenge and hundreds of songs available!
  • Great variety of the latest hit songs as well as songs from the 70s, 80s, 90s, 2000s, and 2010s.
  • Multiple genres: Pop, Rock, Metal, R&B, Rap, Hip-Hop, Hard Rock, Easy Listening, Country, Latin, Alternative, Funk, Movie Themes, and more!
  • Musical Mastery: Learn to identify songs by their individual instruments.

Extra Trivia Quiz Games

  • Complete the song's lyrics.
  • Spot the performer from photos.
  • Identify the band's lead member.
  • Guess where the artist hails from.
  • Answer trivia questions about the songs.
  • Guess the song from the same year.
  • Guess the name of the album.
  • Guess the song with the same BPM.
  • Identify the song with similar instruments.

Whether you're a music lover or just seeking a unique way to enjoy a quiz night with friends, Bandle offers a symphonic blend of challenge and quiz entertainment.

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