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Created by griffpatch, iPhone_ATT_TWC115 and the Scratch community


Geometry Dash Deeper Space

Geometry Dash Deeper Space

Geometry Dash Deeper Space is a collection of custom levels in the game Geometry Dash, organized by Manix648 and created by members of PlebKingdom. This fan game, created using the game's Level Editor, features eight levels that were released simultaneously on March 13, 2024. It is a sequel to a similar project, Geometry Dash Deep Space, which Manix648 released in 2018.

What is Geometry Dash Deeper Space?

Geometry Dash Deeper Space is a fan-made expansion within the Geometry Dash universe. It consists of eight custom levels, each designed to offer unique challenges and aesthetics. The levels are accessible in Geometry Dash under the "DeeperSpace" user account. The project emphasizes creative design and gameplay mechanics, providing players with a variety of experiences ranging from space-themed adventures to gravity-defying stages.

How to Play:

Access the Levels:

  • Open Geometry Dash and search for the "DeeperSpace" user account to find the collection of levels.

Level Themes and Mechanics:

  • Cosmic Dolphin:
    • Navigate through a night sky filled with stars, clouds, and constellations.
    • Watch out for rainbow paths and large stars.
  • How We Win:
    • Look for continuity nods with elements from other levels.
    • Deal with gravity changes that alter your path and allow access to secret areas.
  • ClownParty:
    • Interact with monsters and skeletons that have honking red clown noses.
    • Earn a secret coin by honking nine noses before entering the circus.
  • Space Invaders:
    • Experience an anti-frustration feature that helps guide you when jumping off-screen.
    • Enjoy the final section on the moon with its lower gravity.
    • Encounter enemies from the classic game Space Invaders and square-shaped planets.

Gameplay Tips:

  • Pay Attention to Indicators:
    • Use on-screen indicators to navigate tricky jumps and avoid falling off-screen.
  • Utilize Gravity Changes:
    • Take advantage of gravity shifts to explore different paths and collect hidden coins.
  • Interact with Level Elements:
    • Engage with interactive elements like honking noses and moving banners for added fun and secrets.
  • Watch for Shout-Outs and Easter Eggs:
    • Keep an eye out for references to other games and clever nods within the level design.

Conclusion: Geometry Dash Deeper Space expands the Geometry Dash experience with its creative level designs and engaging gameplay mechanics. Whether you're navigating the stars in Cosmic Dolphin or battling classic game enemies in Space Invaders, this fan-made collection offers a fresh and exciting challenge for Geometry Dash enthusiasts.

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