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Created by griffpatch, iPhone_ATT_TWC115 and the Scratch community


Welcome to the enigmatic world of Geometry Dash Silhouette, a Hard Demon level that offers a formidable challenge for players seeking to test their skills and perseverance. Created by the talented Havok and verified by the skilled Smokes, this level is rated at a daunting 10 stars. Its difficulty is often likened to that of levels such as Fairydust or Classic, making it a true trial for Geometry Dash enthusiasts.

The Nine Circles Remake: A Grueling Test of Skill

Geometry Dash Silhouette serves as a remake of the iconic Nine Circles level, known for its complexity and demanding gameplay. As players dive into this recreated challenge, they'll immediately notice the signature green backdrop, a hallmark of Nine Circles levels. The level kicks off with a highly demanding wave segment, featuring a mini-wave part at the start, similar to the intensity found in Fairydust. Additionally, there's a second twin wave segment, which, while somewhat easier, remains a formidable obstacle for players. Smokes undertook the verification of this level, as Havok cited time constraints and challenges with the wave mechanics.

How to Play:

  1. Precise Cube Section: Master the early cube section's jumps, especially after encountering the first gravity portal, to avoid crashing.
  2. Intricate Ball Segment: Navigate the labyrinthine ball section, being mindful of the bug around the 15% mark.
  3. Challenging Wave Mechanics: Adapt to the varying speed, gravity, and size adjustments in the initial wave segment, especially around the 30% mark.
  4. Twin Wave Challenges: Exercise caution while navigating the blue pads and watch out for the transition to triple speed in the final phase.
  5. Ultimate Section: Navigate through irregular timings, button mashing, and gravity portals to overcome the treacherous final stretch.

Features: Fun Facts and Trivia

  • The level comprises a staggering 11,303 items, showcasing its intricacy.
  • Smokes undertook the crucial task of verifying Silhouette for Havok, as it proved too challenging for the creator himself.
  • Originally intended to be named "Figures," Havok opted for "Silhouette" after another level by Glittershroom shared the same name.
  • Differing from other Nine Circles levels, Silhouette incorporates standard ground and backdrop elements, setting it apart with its distinctive design.

Future Prospects:

Prepare yourself for the formidable challenge that awaits in Geometry Dash Silhouette. Will you have what it takes to conquer this intricate level and emerge victorious? The journey is fraught with obstacles and intricate mechanics, but the thrill of victory awaits those who dare to face the Silhouette.

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