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Created by griffpatch, iPhone_ATT_TWC115 and the Scratch community


Venture into the digital dimensions of Geometry Dash Future Funk, a thrilling 2.1 Hard Demon level that will push your skills to the limit. Created and published by the talented JonathanGD, and verified by the skilled mbed, this level offers a unique experience inspired by the iconic Clutterfunk and High Life levels. Known for its distinctive design, an unforgettable soundtrack, and an extended playtime of four minutes and twenty seconds, it has left an indelible mark on the Geometry Dash community. Its popularity even spawned a sequel, aptly named Future Funk II.

The Dance of Gameplay

The journey through Future Funk commences with a dynamic cube section followed by a brief UFO segment, setting the stage for the electrifying adventure that lies ahead. As you progress, the level's name briefly graces the screen, ushering in an exciting ship section, which is closely followed by a wave sequence and another cube challenge. Prepare for a mini-cube section with cleverly placed fakes, leading to a double-speed ship segment brimming with rotating obstacles.

  1. A dynamic cube section sets the stage.
  2. A brief UFO segment adds to the excitement.
  3. An electrifying ship section follows.
  4. Wave sequences intensify the challenge.
  5. Cleverly placed fakes await in a mini-cube section.
  6. Double-speed ship segment tests your reflexes.

The adventure continues with a robot section, cube section, and another ship segment, each presenting its own set of challenges. The level introduces a symmetrical double segment, featuring dual waves and mysterious unidentified objects. After a prolonged spider segment with its share of fakes, the music takes a slower turn, transitioning to a mini-cube section adorned with unique decorations. The tempo picks up as you encounter a UFO-like segment teeming with dynamic moving objects. This section includes a challenging asymmetrical dual segment, featuring dual cubes, a cube-ball section, ship-ball duos, and a robot-ball sequence.

The Quest for User Coins

Embark on a quest for glory as you seek to claim the elusive user coins hidden within Future Funk.

  1. The first coin awaits your skillful maneuvering at 8%.
  2. At 58%, the second coin beckons.
  3. Discover the hidden skull at 26%.
  4. Claim the third and final coin at the level's conclusion.

Fun Facts and Beyond

Future Funk is filled with intriguing tidbits and fascinating facts:

  • The level boasts a staggering 115,393 items.
  • It can be divided into two distinct parts: a Clutterfunk remake and a High Life remake.
  • Hidden within the level's secrets is the text "Every level must possess a double spike."
  • The level's music, as the name suggests, falls under the Future Funk electronic sub-genre.
  • On July 18, 2020, the 99% jump was slightly nerfed, adjusting the level's balance.

Navigating the Glitches

While embarking on your journey through Future Funk, keep an eye out for some intriguing glitches. You can transition from a slow-speed cube to the ship by entering the mini-ship at 34% half-speed. Once completed, the speed should revert to normal.

Geometry Dash Future Funk offers an unparalleled adventure through its digital dimensions, challenging players with its unique design and exhilarating gameplay. Can you master its complexities and conquer its relentless challenges? Dive into this epic journey and experience the heart-pounding rhythm of the future!

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