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Created by griffpatch, iPhone_ATT_TWC115 and the Scratch community


Prepare to embark on a journey of skill and determination as you step into the enigmatic realm of Geometry Dash Voiceless. Crafted by the renowned creator JerkRat, this epic Hard level will push your abilities to their limits within its stark and unforgiving landscape. With a rating of 5 stars and 3 user coins, only the bravest Dashers dare to take on this legendary challenge. Will you rise to the occasion and etch your name into the annals of Dash history?

How to Play

  • Master the Visual Cues: In Geometry Dash Voiceless, visual cues are your lifeline. Pay close attention to the subtle shifts and patterns of the obstacles to anticipate your next move.
  • Refine Your Timing: Precise timing is paramount in this level. Practice your jumps and maneuvers to perfection to avoid the pitfalls that lie in wait.
  • Embrace Patience: Rushing will lead to certain demise. Take your time, breathe, and carefully plot your course through the challenges that await.


  • Immersive Visuals: The neon-lit landscapes and dynamic obstacles of Voiceless create an immersive experience like no other.
  • Unforgiving Gameplay: Prepare for a challenge that will test your skills and patience to their limits.
  • Legacy-Building: Conquering Voiceless isn't just about completing a level; it's about cementing your place in Dash history.

The Echoes of Courage

In the realm of Geometry Dash Voiceless, silence reigns supreme, and only the most resolute players can conquer its formidable trials. With its visually striking design and unforgiving gameplay, this level stands as a testament to the determination and courage of Dashers. Are you ready to step into the silent symphony of challenge, where your skills will be your greatest ally and the echoes of courage will resonate for eternity? The choice is yours, brave Dasher.

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