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Created by griffpatch, iPhone_ATT_TWC115 and the Scratch community


Prepare to embark on a rhythmic and geometric adventure as we dive into the world of Geometry Dash yStep, an Easy Demon level that beckons players with its 10-star rating. Crafted by the talented creator TheRealDarnoc, yStep stands as an unofficial sequel to the official xStep level, earning its rightful place in the pantheon of Demon Pack 1.

How to Play

  1. Mastering the Cubic Prelude: Begin your journey in the cube form, gracefully leaping over spikes and navigating around obstacles using trampolines and spheres.

  2. Rhythmic Ball Ballet: Transition into the ball stage, where precision is key as you interact with spheres to avoid spikes and maintain momentum.

  3. Navigating the Ship's Voyage: Maneuver through gravitational shifts and spike clusters in the ship stage, reminiscent of the challenges in the Cycles level.

  4. Challenges of Gravity and Trampolines: Return to the cube form for a final test, carefully navigating through trap trampolines and mastering gravity manipulation.


  • Deceptive Simplicity: yStep presents seemingly straightforward gameplay that gradually unfolds into a complex and challenging experience.

  • Dynamic Backgrounds and Elements: As you progress through the level, the backdrop changes, keeping the gameplay visually engaging and fresh.

  • Accessible Difficulty: Initially classified as a Medium Demon but downgraded to Easy Demon, yStep offers a balanced challenge suitable for a wide range of players.

  • Enduring Popularity: Ranked among the most popular levels in Geometry Dash, yStep has secured its place in the game's community, boasting impressive download and like statistics.


  • Expanding Accessibility: With its Easy Demon classification, yStep continues to serve as an accessible entry point into the world of Demon-rated levels, welcoming newcomers to the challenge.

  • Community Engagement: As one of the most popular Demon levels, yStep fosters community engagement and competition, with players striving to master its rhythmic intricacies and achieve high scores.

Master the Dance of Geometry

In the mesmerizing world of Geometry Dash yStep, geometry and rhythm entwine to create a captivating gameplay experience. Navigate intricate obstacles, harness spheres, and dance your way through this rhythmic journey. As you conquer the challenges and become one with the melody of the level, you'll discover the unique charm that has made yStep a beloved addition to the Geometry Dash universe. Are you ready to master the dance of geometry? Embrace the challenge and let the music guide your way!

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